Customs Compliance Group
Helping small to mid size companies meet today's Import challenges 
Customs Compliance Group was created to assist small to mid size companies effectively and efficiently meet US Customs and other Federal Agency requirements as related to the importation of goods into the United States. Our objective is to help your company meet and maintain these goals in a cost efficient manner. Inefficient Import procedures and lack of organization relating to compliance is leaving your company at considerable risk to penalties, exams and additional duties. Our team is comprised of 30 years in both US Customs employment and in the private sector. Although we are not Customs Brokers and do not file Customs entries, the Managing Partner holds a Customs Broker license. We have a tremendous network of resources that we will share and recommend as needed.
We also offer assistance in service provider negotiations and can provide back office Import operations, saving your company money..
Topics we can address but not limited to;
-Import Department Organization
-Letters of Credit
-10 + 2
-Compliance review
-Creating Compliance Manuals
-Binding Rulings
-Determining Value
-First Sale
-Consumer Product Safety Act
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-Federal Trade Commission  labeling
-Food and Drug
-Fish and Wildlife
-Bonded Warehousing
-Foreign Trade Zones
-Free Trade Agreements
-The Lacey Act
-Intellectual Property Rights
-Penalty Mitigations
Contact us today  let us discuss with you how we can help protect your business, enhance your Import operation all without compromising your company's budget.
"What's in your Import File?"
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